Dusty Harry
Director Alex Ladd puts his favorite part of the female anatomy, breasts, where they rightfully belong - smack in the middle of all the hardcore action and all nestled together with its number one co-star (big cock) for a few good gonzo moves in the gapes! Even if only for a moment, just see how black and white go together. Four in the ass and four in the pussy! Hair today, gone tomorrow? Here, we have 14 scenes that last a little over 6 minutes each, so you get a very good idea of what the actual scene was like. I would just hate to lose my inheritance. In the town of Los Muertos, New Mexico, the women are as desperate as they are hot. It's still not over!!... Lady lust is here. Max shows her a better sales technique as he quickly rams his cock down her throat and up her ass! No condoms, and a sizzling old fucker movie!
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