If you can appreciate a nice pair of knockers, then you can enjoy this collection of scenes from different movies she made through the years, all about the boobies!! It is an adventure you will thoroughly enjoy - guaranteed! Just when you thought it was safe...A small high desert town is infested with man eating subterranean penis creatures. Matter of fact, everything about this video has Japan written all over it. Not recommended for viewers with pacemakers or any other heart conditions!!! Pigtail Cuties gives you two hours with seven young girls you'll never forget! Seems like this is the mother of all vintage movies, not saying itís a low quality movie, but rather an early attempt at the art of amateur movie making. She wants to be a model but don't know which way to turn. Spend time with Gonzo and Mercedes Ashely! The bored Queen remembers the young princess who came with an envoy from Phoenicia and summons Amenti. Then Lesbian Swirl Fest #12 is the place to be.
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