Duck Balls
A cute couple feels so horny as they walk around a lovely park they decided to strip down to nothing and fuck like wild puppies right in the park. After seeing this I REALLY need to work in a lingerie shop! An honest centerfold mama who fucks like a rabbit, sucks like a vacuum, and butt fucks till she cums! Another great flick by Vivid!" Basically, this one is a tour-de-force for the always-saucy Ms.Lynn, as she shimmies and shakes her sexy way to naughty nirvana. Breed: Homo Sapien Genus: Ferocious. Cheaters never prosper, but they do get a nice long ride! Cum inside this shifting kaleidoscope of color and indulge in a little hardcore magic called sex! Do you think you can tame these bad girls? Enjoy your Russian pussy sex fiends! Fimed with some of the most beautiful girls in the industry, you'll fall in love with this third installment in the Les Babez series!
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