Dr. Bob
Join my ASSociates and me as we infiltrate and penetrate the sinister plans and ASS to save the world! Long into the evening hours, broadcasts' radio station KBLU and the "Dr.Carol Lewis - (Radio Sex Therapist) Show." Private passions, innermost desires, and the need to be heard over the airwaves set the stage for this erotically engrossing story. Mr.Beaver is living proof that anyone, no matter how fat, ugly or stupid, can get laid. Of course, nothing would be complete without a demonstration. Plump round stomachs and insatiable appetites for cock. See several of her hottest scenes conveniently compiled here for The Golden Age of Porn - Ginger Lynn. She must have a little cowgirl in her, because she rides the machine long and hard! So check out Ice, Nicety, Peaches and Cherry in part 5 of the Premier black amateur series! Swoosh! The first part of this series was so hot, they had to make another. Then Allisa found a closed bar, but the liquor distributor was delivering.
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