Dos Muchos
It's always nice to have a wide-open twat in front of you, but how about 2?! JUST SEX!!! Just be careful not to soil the interior! LBO takes you where the sun don't shine to expose the flip side of countless pooper probes! Linda Lovelace was thrust into the national spotlight in 1972 with her starring role in Deep Throat, one of the all-time classics of erotic entertainment. MAYUKI's emotions take over when she learns of the threat to MUSASHI. Melons are squeezed, bounced, licked, sucked, poked and jizzed on. Much luv and sin Nicole is a southern girl with a thick Tennessee accent. Nothing is sexier then hot Latina bitches getting down and dirty on some dicks - especially when you have the perfect seat!498 On the desert island even they lost their hope...The nightmare began with the hi-jacking by the fugitives.
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