I wonder how many people out there have any idea about how BAD some "GOOD LITTLE GIRLS" get, just before they get married. In this exciting alternate take from BUTTERFLIES (1974), Harry Reems redefines the word “orgasm” as his girl nearly has a stroke from her intense orgasm! It's vital that she find her way back home, and very soon! Lee has numerous sexual demands. Mickey Bell appears as the owner of a topless bar and Starr shows up for an audition. Not to be outdone, Reed Parker and Rick Rogue fuck on a nearby bar bench. Packing dat ass. Sassy raven-haired Christene gets a royal spanking from handsome stud Joe Balls. She is an insatiable cummer of creamy anal scenes. Sinister presents the next level in perversion, Michael Raven's Street Meat! Stunning Janay is Debbie, who takes enormous pleasure as she eagerly dishes out the pain!
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