Dex Dexter
Cum join us and learn from the best! Director Clive McLean creates muff-magic again in this irresistibly naughty series! Dr.Jackie Stevenson (Julian Wells) is a controversial therapist who believes the female psyche consists of the 'pure' and the 'lustful,' and she has developed an experimental serum that will separate the two halves, thus freeing women from psychological and sexual inhibitions. Even more girls being filmed when they don't know it! Filmed on location in Puerto Vallarta, Lain Nicks (formerly Joshua Nicks) and Kyle Jensen find lots of things to do when the weather turns rainy for three days. Four smokin' Latin sluts getting drilled the way they should be. Get set for a rollicking mix of tanked up Hooligan sluts roaming the streets and causing havoc! Haley's round butt and natural tits jiggle like gelatin as they get fucked. He thrashes around on the bed like an acrobat, showing off every inch of his hot little body before gushing a massive load of white cum all the way from his neck down to his thick pubes. Hey big guy... How about some anal?
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