Devyn Devine
Jack doesn't do badly either. La La Is one horny bitch who will whip your ass! MUSCLE MAN Corey Bleu of Hot House Production's " Dirty Dudes" and Centaur Film's " Wild Ranger" has big pumped up arms, a massive pumped up chest and a BIG 10-inch FAT cock. Muscle man, Juice, is looking for any and all willing boys to service him. Nothing sounds better than a sex kittens purr when Our camera man helps her out, telling her to rub her clit while he fucks her with the cucumber. Rather than attempting to hurt each other, the two ladies seem much more interested in getting each other off! See these fresh faces and bods as they begin their modeling careers. She is subjected to a pelvic exam that consists of vibrators and anal beads. She's smoking hot and sucking cock in this feature. Some girls just aren't as innocent as they look, and that's a good thing.
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