Devlyn Devil
Here you get to see Roxanne Blaze when she was first starting out. Here's a special treat for you sweet black cherry lovers. Here's what Randy West has to say about his production, Up & Cummers 4: Back when I first shot this one, I announced Taylor Moore as "a gorgeous nurse who is making her first and possibly only video with her studly stripper boyfriend". Hershel gets fucked, sucked, thrown and blown by both nymphs in/out of the hotrod. Hey sicko, you want to see some piss streaming out of a woman’s coochie? wouldn't face fuck a girl with glasses, would you? High atop the ocean in a villa in the hills, and joined by two other couples for some afternoon delight. Hired to track down a notorious gang of big tit robbers and thugs, our villains have nowhere to hide except in the cleavage of their monstrous tits. His cock is ready to explode now and dripping love juice all over her sexy soles, toes and high arches. His idea of a great time is stuffing his fat, plump mushroom tipped prick into a youthful, slippery sweet scented pink twat or butt hole...In fact, the only thing he likes better is doing it outdoors! His respect for her, intense.
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