Debora Taylor
She transforms Anastasia into her very own marionette while the novice kneels and watches.505 She's a little bit freaky, a little bit deaky! She-Male beauties getting butt-banged in their booties! Simply the best and brightest of the nasty class of 2000. Slapping and breast gouging. So don't miss out, cum inside and learn what these hot girls found out- getting "xxx-perienced" is the hottest sex around... So today he will have two rosy bottoms to test his paddles, whips and riding crops against. Some cunts scream to be fucked. Somewhere between desire and need lies obsession! Stacy has never felt anything as good as this!!! Strangulation, bludgeoning, disrobing, humiliation, defilement, beating, breast slapping, binding and gagging, stabbing, drowning, trunk stuffing, forced regurgitation,- it's how they get their kicks, and nothing's too good for these hapless, helpless, pleading, screaming young pretties when the fab four get down and dirty.
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