Daniele Evangelista (TVTS)
After trying to explain mathematics to the young girl for a period of time the teacher got totally fed up that she was not comprehending the materials. Are you ready for some hot sex? But once he licks her great ass from behind, he can't hold out, so she gets a faceful of cream. Dave Cummings brings it all together, satisfying everyone including you! Everyone's favorite transvestite pantyhose fetishist starts off simple. Girl-on-girl action doesn't get any wetter! High arches, gorgeous toenails and full ass are all in one horny package. If you think this was crazy, wait until you see what happened when we hung her from the ceiling by her ankles. It's incredible! Like rubber chickens? Never have you experienced so much Boobs and Butts not to mention SOME OF THE BEST you've ever seen!
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