Daniel Rasek
The latest chapter of this hugely popular series features all young, fresh-faced and filthy ladies. Their mouths are watering so they have to sample the goodies, which they do with a great deal of gusto. There’s also fucking, sucking, straight and lesbian galore. These girls are young, and wanna show you how wild they can be! These relics of another era prove that age ain't nothing but a number as they take on young studs in this sexual extravaganza. They encounter a swinging couple (Buck Adams and beautiful Janette Littledove), as well as a "try anything" jogger (Leslie Winston). They're hot boys from the far east that crave hot steamy man juice up their ass. This is an adventure of tight, hot bods and throbbing hard cock...These guys know their way around the tool - they lick and suck and bend themselves and each other over...Then they jackhammer it home! This time, she sucks her boyfriend's dick, gets fucked wildly, and receives a huge cumshot all over her beautiful face. Turning purple from the lack of circulation, Rick Savage frees the tits from their tightness and has them dolled up in a very open bra (you can still see the rope marks!), but that only means the more severe torture is yet to come… Watch as he brings himself so close to the edge only to contain himself just a little longer for your enjoyment!
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