Sit back and enjoy as the cameras reveal all... Some secrets should be shared...especially BIG secrets! THE ROAD TO ATLANTIS takes you on a XXX journey to a time when women were goddesses and sizzling lipstick lesbians had their own island. The abductor peeks in to see if his plan worked and makes his move when he sees that she's totally helpless. The land of great bodies, beaches full of muscles, a The whores in this flick are just so fuckable you cock will throb just looking at them. There was definitely no shortage of wild women willing to show their most intimate areas to our cameras. These cock hungry whores don't stop 'till their throats are pounded raw! These hot girls explore each other's cracks and crevices while you watch. These white boys cannot get enough of the hot, hard, fudge pole! They look like they don't mind trying something new!
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