Damita (TVTS)
If hot, hard muscular Italian men get a rise out of you, don't pass up this delectable feast! Intense is unquestionably the word that most closely unravels the mystery behind this latest encounter between the illustrious Goddess Desire and the stubborn slave boy Denial. John Chasm returns as Rufus, the lonely psycho who is in search of true love in all the wrong ways. Looking for a Puerto Rican spitfire with an attitude and a taste for cock? Natalie & Ash are no different, their first time fuckers on film. Once you see it, you'll never forget it! Real hot sex, no fluff! She decides to hire a private detective to find a way out, and to collect enough proof to get divorced. She's tall, slender, and has incredibly bouncy, D-cup titties. Stephan, the mysterious owner of the club skillfully prepares Cynthia for the club's special event. The butler proves to be of a high caliber and gives service with a smile.
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